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Here you can order heat transfers to super prices. You can also order single sheets of transfers so that you can have a large assortment from day one to a reasonable price. We are probably one o the largest distributors of heat dog transfers in the world and are specialized in great transfers to make you profit.

Impulse transfers with one of the worlds best artists, Robert Mays, great motives. There is no transfers that are better, easier to apply or last longer when printed. Price is outstanding. When we order we usually order so much so Impulse can not even fulfill the whole order, we have to get 2 deliveries. So you understand why our price is possible...
UL transfers is for all colors, TL is for light clothes only.

Free Time transfers. We think this is the worlds best plastisol transfers. An outstanding artist, TH, his name will remain a secret, has created those motives. Those transfers are not so common as others, which make them great to sell. And we now have a low introduction price, also if you purchase single sheets.
For light clothes only.

T-shirts. We have good quality T-shirts in 150 gram 100% cotton, light gray (ash) color. Good quality that ensure your customer will make more orders - and you will order more from us. Price is most compatible in Europe because of freight costs are higher over seas.

To get the password, please send us an e-mail and ask for it. You need to have a heat press and be in the business, selling printed T-shirts and/or other clothes etc. Those transfers need a real heat press, iron on is impossible.
NOTE: If you are located inside the European common market you need to have a current VAT number, otherwise we must add Swedish VAT (25%) on top of the price.

We also recommend our largest competitor and even link to them here!

They have great pages with printing info and the worlds largest assortment. We recommend them highly but hope you will make us your first choice.